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Who we are..

Since it’s first establishment in september 2000, 
I’ve wanted to find and solve inconveniences caused by side effects, even though it,s necessary and necessary for people.

The first thing that caught my eye was diapers, sanitary pads, and products that had to be used, but were painful for someone because of all kinds of trouble, and the question of more fundamental problems beyond symptom mitigation was “Can’t we lower the skin temperature to normal temperature even in a closed environment?”

“If that’s possible, we could solve a variety of skin problems including diaper rash, menstrual trouble and bedsores.”

After 20 years of research, we finally found the answer in a natural ingredient.
Nature4 aims to accumulate technology and know-how by directly identifying effects of natural ingredients.

Based on our technology and know-how, 
Nature4 will satisfy the needs of consumers and do our best to develop products that can be used with confidence.

▶ A.C.C. ?   By Nature4 Korea

A.C.C. (Advanced Cooling Composition) by Nature4

To fundamentally solve skin problems caused by elevated skin temperature, various natural medicinal herbs are formulated,
as well as cooling agents that maintain the skin temperature at room temperature through the action of ingredients rather than evaporation

Existing cooling function of vaporization cannot be used when wearing, doing, wearing diapers/sanitary napkins/socks/shoes/wigs, lying in bed, etc.
In addition to the heat of the skin itself, it cannot solve the fundamental problems that hinder the health of the skin
A.C.C. continues to perform its long-term cooling function even when evaporated due to its components

: After use, the temperature decreases and the effect lasts
: Shows improvement effect even in elastic moisturizing problem
: Helps relieve rashes and bacterial skin diseases

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